Soldiers and Cars

On Tuesday I mentioned that there was a Memorial Day Car Show this weekend and that I would fill you in later...well, it's later!

"Memorial Day Car Show 2014 1" - Allen, Texas
The Morning Maniacs put on a great show on Saturday benefiting the Allen Veterans of Foreign War Post 2195.  There were several soldiers, members of ROTC, and other honorees in attendance.
"1940 Chevrolet 1" - Allen, Texas
As always there were many, many beautiful cars.
"1951 Chevrolet 1" - Allen, Texas
And interesting characters to go along with them, including the gentleman that I mentioned on Tuesday.
"1961 Studebaker 1" - Allen, Texas
This gentleman, whose name is David, started chatting with me shortly after I arrived at the car show.  He was curious what I did with the photos I was taking and I told him about this blog.
"Memorial Day Car Show 2014 3" - Allen, Texas
He told me that he also takes photos of people's cars for them, but he super-imposes the cars onto images of different locations around the world and then turns those images into t-shirts.  Sadly I did not get a business card from him to share with you, but you might be able to find him at the next Morning Maniacs car show.
"1937 Ford 1" - Allen, Texas
Some of these stunners belong to friends of mine, including this Ford truck...
"1951 Ford F1 1" - Allen, Texas
And this Mercury.
"1950 Mercury 1" - Allen, Texas
The flags in the first picture were on top of the Allen VFW Post 2195 trailer.  It took many shots to get all of the flags blowing so that there was a chance that you could identify the all of the different flags.
"Memorial Day Car Show 2014 2" - Allen, Texas
*"Memorial Day Car Show 2014 1," "1940 Chevrolet 1," "1951 Chevrolet 1," "1961 Studebaker 1," "Memorial Day Car Show 2014 3," "1937 Ford 1," "1951 Ford F1 1," "1950 Mercury 1," and "Memorial Day Car Show 2014 2" are for sale through Diggin' It, me, and now various images can be purchased through Fine Art America.

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