A Summer Shower

There are a few weather things that Texas does VERY well.  No, summer is not one of them, unless you like sticking to every single seat you sit in for about 6 months of the year, or the soles of your shoes melting every so slightly every single time you go outside, or paying a million dollars each month for electricity so that you house can be a "comfortable" 80 degrees.  But thunderstorms...Texas does know how to do a fantastic thunderstorm.  The house rattling, feel it in your gut, light up the city in the middle of the night, best light show ever kind of thunderstorm.  I really missed the spectacular storms that we have here while I was living in New Zealand.  I was told it was a weather peculiarity, but because storms always passed over the Southern Alps before reaching the plains where I was, there was never any lightning.  I may have seen lightning once, but it also could have been someone turning on a light in a distant farm during a storm and I was so desperate for lighting that I decided that's what it was.  Whatever the case may be we got a nice, little storm here this morning.  About halfway through our walk this morning Pepper and I and our walking buddy Mary got drenched!  I am always up for walking in the rain, major lightning thunderstorms aside, and Mary was happy to continue walking too, but Pepper was not too pleased.  Pepper, the dog that will jump in any kiddie pool, even in the middle of the winter, if given the opportunity, Pepper, the dog that dunked just her head because her whole body wouldn't fit in the barrel pool that Janice made for Tessa, Pepper, the dog that mom and I had to drag out of the lake the times we took her swimming, and Pepper, the dog that jumped in my friends' water fountain when I turned my back for two seconds.  Yep, that Pepper was shaking her head and gave me this face when we got home...

"Pepper - Wet & Unhappy" - McKinney, Texas
This sad face was preceded by the best "Go to H-E-double hockey sticks, I cannot believe you made me walk in the rain" look that a sweet, faced lab can muster.  And this was all followed by a serious debate where mean ol' mom, i.e. me, thought that the best place for the giant, wet dog to lie was on the bathroom tile or kitchen linoleum, while Pepper thought that the middle of my oriental rug seemed like the logical choice.

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