Augusto Escobedo's Sisters

In my second post last Friday, Friends, Family, and Fried Chicken, I mentioned a fantastic fountain at the Frisco Heritage Museum called Sisters.

"Sisters 1" - Frisco, Texas
According to the Heritage Association of Frisco:
"Sisters 2" - Frisco, Texas
" 'The Sisters' fountain was donated to the City of Frisco in 1960 by artist, Augusto Escobedo for placement at the newly constructed Frisco Youth Center. For a few years these two bronze statues sat outside the center playing in their fountain. In 1962, they were removed because of maintenance and upkeep issues. When it came time to return them, they were missing. Almost 50 years passed before they were found and returned to Frisco. Today these bronze sculptures have their home in the Frisco Heritage Center where they happily play and frolic in the water."
"Sisters 3" - Frisco, Texas
Augusto Escobedo was born in 1914 in Mexico and is considered one of the most famous sculptures to come out of Mexico in the 20th century.
"Sisters 4" - Frisco, Texas
I love the detail on the little sister's hair.  It reminds me of when my mom used to french braid my hair like this as a child.
"Sisters 5" - Frisco, Texas
Speaking of my mom: if there had been a way for her to abscond with these adorable, life-sized statues, she would have.  Mom was in love with this fountain.  If you're in the Frisco area you should swing by and let me know what you think.

*As with all of the photographs that I took of the Chihuly exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum: these images are not for sale because selling a photo of another artist's work is a copyright violation.

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