Beware Mint! It's Attach of the Puppies!

On the 22nd I promised that I would tell you about why the puppies gave mom mint for Mother's Day, but there was Memorial Day to write about and many working lunches, so...Better late than never.

"Louie 4" - McKinney, Texas
Here are the culprits, aka Jack and Louie, along with some other nicknames that I do not think are appropriate for a blog where the young and impressionable may come to look at pretty pictures and read about how my little brother peed in my closet that one time and other high brow literaturesque posts.
"Jack 5" - McKinney, Texas
Anyway, in the spring my mom planted new plants in many of her pots along the back patio.  The adorable, little, destructo derbies decided that my mom was doing all of that just for them, like a giant game of hide and go seek your next meal among the pots on the patio.  Not only did they eventually eat the plants, but first they used them as weapons: charging at each other like jousters and whacking each other as they ran past.  They would also play keep away, tug o' war, and chase when mom would see them and try, mostly in vain, to get her plants back.
"Mentha 1" - McKinney, Texas
The boys got mom mint, specifically, because, of the various plants they have dug up, played with, eaten, or otherwise destroyed so far this year, the mint was the one herb that she was silly enough to put in their path of eradication and had been lamenting the fact that she could not have a mint julep.  The boys did have pretty good smelling breath though.

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