Friends, Family, and Fried Chicken

As promised yesterday, here is post #2 for today about Father's Day!

"Father's Day 2014 1" - Frisco, Texas
We met some of dad's friends from the Morning Maniacs at the Frisco Heritage Museum.  They lined up their pretty, antique cars along side the museum and then we went for some lunch.
"Father's Day 2014 2" - Frisco, Texas
The Museum is next door to a restaurant called Babe's which is famous for it's friend chicken.
"Father's Day 2014 3" - Frisco, Texas
The restaurant is kind of like a big barn.  It is one giant main room that in cramped with tables, ALL of which were VERY full of people, and there was a huge line of people still waiting to get in.  At one point all of the waiters and waitresses lined up in the middle of the restaurant and did the hokey pokey which made mom and I laugh because I spent MANY a Friday and Saturday night at the roller rink growing up and the hokey pokey was played at least once a night.  Doing that dance on roller skates is a little bit of a detriment to the teeth of the uncoordinated.
"Father's Day 2014 4" - Frisco, Texas
The Heritage Museum had this great sculpture at it's entrance and several beautiful old homes.  There was an adorable statue called Sisters in a courtyard near the old chapel, but I'm going to save that for a post all it's own so that I can share photos of several different angles.
"Father's Day 2014 5" - Frisco, Texas
*"Father's Day 2014 1,"  "Father's Day 2014 2," and "Father's Day 2014 5" are for sale through Diggin' It, me, and now various images can be purchased through Fine Art America.

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