McKinney Garden Club Tour 2014 - Part 1

First a quick clarification followed by a sure to be wordy explanation for this week.  Clarification: last week I stated that the garden tours were annual, but actually they are biannual.  I think that the annual tours mentioned on the McKinney Garden Club's website refers to the fact that throughout the year, every year, they help with various garden related tours and not explicitly to the tour that they put on.  Now, explanation: I had big plans to do three posts this week so that I could break up the Garden Tour posts into two and then have a Father's Day post.  My allergies, or more accurately, my lack of allergies, which is a confusing situation because apparently I'm not allergic to normal things but instead have an allergic like reaction to environmental things like moisture in the air and barometric pressure, I haven't quite figured out what my triggers are because I just figured out that I'm an allergy freak and fortunately it doesn't seem to happen that often.  But I digress, the point was that my allergic reaction to living in the world drop kicked my butt this week.  Luckily I got to do the tour Saturday, spend Sunday morning with dad, and only missed part of work Monday.  I was thinking that I could still do all three of the posts, but Tuesday I forgot my SD card with the photos which is kind of important to a photography blog. By Wednesday I resigned myself to one LONG tour post, but it took so long to get the photos set up and watermarked I ran out of lunch hour.  That brings us to today and things I'm sure you'll find more interesting than my strange allergies: the 2014 McKinney Garden Club Garden Tour!

"Garden Tour 2014 1-1" - McKinney, Texas
There were six houses on this year's tour from three different areas of McKinney.  The first house that I went to was on the west side of McKinney.

"Garden Tour 2014 1-2" - McKinney, Texas
It had been built around many of the antiques that the owners had, including several antique doors, like the door to their pantry.
"Garden Tour 2014 1-3" - McKinney, Texas
The backyard was nice with a pool, poolside gazebo, and a few larger trees, but the panorama above the terraced yard across McKinney and...

"Garden Tour 2014 1-4" - McKinney, Texas
down into their neighbor's yard with a perfectly framed view of their neighbor's giant bull statue was fantastic!
"Garden Tour 2014 1-5" - McKinney, Texas
The next two houses were in an area called Tucker Hill in northwest McKinney.
"Garden Tour 2014 2-1" - McKinney, Texas
The first house had these lovely daisies out front.
"Garden Tour 2014 2-2" - McKinney, Texas
I liked the blend of modern clean lines and more classic curves and details found in their dining room.
"Garden Tour 2014 2-3" - McKinney, Texas
And I thought the crochet lampshades above the crib were adorable!
"Garden Tour 2014 2-4" - McKinney, Texas
They had a VERY small backyard, but this squirrel posed for me and it backed onto a creek were I saw this cute, little turtle.
"Garden Tour 2014 2-5" - McKinney, Texas
The interior of the next house was not really my style, but I did like this chandelier over the dining room table.
"Garden Tour 2014 3-1" - McKinney, Texas
This house had a larger backyard with an oval path surrounded by beds.  The bones were there, but it needed some TLC from an avid gardener.
"Garden Tour 2014 3-2 - McKinney, Texas
They did make some interesting plant choices though and one of the Garden Club members showed me these fun yellow numbers hidden in a nice side area of the front yard.
"Garden Tour 2014 3-3" - McKinney, Texas
Ok, there is going to have to be a second post with Tour photos because Blogger does not seem to like me trying to include 29 photos in a single post.  Go figure, so look for two posts tomorrow.

*"Garden Tour 2014 2-1," "Garden Tour 2014 2.4," "Garden Tour 2014 2-5," "Garden Tour 2014 3-2," and "Garden Tour 2014 3-3" are for sale through Diggin' It, me, and now various images can be purchased through Fine Art America.

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