McKinney Garden Club Tour 2014 - Part 2

Yesterday the upload time for photos was really dragging, so let's see if we can get through the final three houses on this year's McKinney Garden Club Garden Tour.

"Garden Tour 2014 4-1" - McKinney, Texas
The last three houses were all in the historic district.  The first is called Rose Cottage and it is a very cute, but rather small house.
"Garden Tour 2014 4-2" - McKinney, Texas
There were beautiful arrangements all over by our buddy Lindsey at the Stalk Market.  Looking back there were arrangements at many of the houses, but I did not notice the Stalk Market logo until Rose Cottage.  I LOVED the arrangement on the front gate.
"Garden Tour 2014 4-3" - McKinney, Texas
This house had a spectacular backdoor that I told the owner I intended to steal.  She laughed, but I really love that backdoor.  Shh, I may be sneaking back tonight!
"Garden Tour 2014 4-4" - McKinney, Texas
There was not much of a backyard, but good size front and side yards with this adorable arbor over the side exit from the property.  It's a fairly basic arbor if you're looking for a design to reproduce, but fits the space perfectly.
"Garden Tour 2014 5-1" - McKinney, Texas
House number five was a brick house set back from the street behind a nice sized front yard.
"Garden Tour 2014 5-2" - McKinney, Texas
And there was a bee collecting pollen!  I was already really liking this house because we all know how much I like my bees!  I'm actually hoping to make a mason bee house sometime soon.  It's been added to my list of eight million projects.
"Garden Tour 2014 5-3" - McKinney, Texas
This house was larger than the last house.  It did, however, have a rather small but perfectly appointed kitchen!
"Garden Tour 2014 5-4" - McKinney, Texas
The refrigerator and freezer took up an entire wall!  And there was not a ton of counter space, but I would trade my galley style kitchen for this, even a striped down basic model without the awesome Tiffany style chandelier, in a heartbeat.
"Garden Tour 2014 5-5" - McKinney, Texas
The backyard was broken up into a few smaller areas surrounded by fencing with different bird houses on each post.
"Garden Tour 2014 5-6" - McKinney, Texas
There was a seating area with a potting station on the side of a small, red storage barn...
"Garden Tour 2014 5-7" - McKinney, Texas
And a chicken coop!  Yes, a chicken coop! in another section.  Even the chicken coop had a chandelier!
"Garden Tour 2014 6-1" - McKinney, Texas
The last house was actually just a few blocks away from my house, so I have watched this house transform from a bright yellow house with some nice landscape to soft grey with new additions and more elaborate landscaping.
"Garden Tour 2014 6-2" - McKinney, Texas
I had never seen the inside before, but it was a lot of fun!  The owners have made some very clever choices.
"Garden Tour 2014 6-3" - McKinney, Texas
Like the screen door to their laundry room!
"Garden Tour 2014 6-4" - McKinney, Texas
They have also created several, I counted at least eight, small seating areas around the house and garden.  Each has a slightly different feel and view of their very nice property.
"Garden Tour 2014 6-5" - McKinney, Texas
*"Garden Tour 2014 5-2" is for sale through Diggin' It, me, and now various images can be purchased through Fine Art America.

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