Space Cadet

I had today's post all planned out and then I ran out of the house this morning without the hard drive that has all my photos on it!  What!?!  Yep, apparently my brain decided to go on vacation and forgot to tell me!

I was planning on telling you who Louie and Jack are.  I realized the other day that I just started including photos of two new dogs, but never told you who they were or where they came from.  I could just recycle the pictures that I've already shown you, and honestly you'll get some of that, but I do have one new photo, yep just one because it is SO hard to get them to sit still for even the 2 seconds it takes to take their photo!  Especially together!  Wiggly squiggly little boys.  Actually, maybe missing today will be a good thing and I can find/take more photos of Jack, aka the demented bunny, and Louie, aka the attention hog.

So, what brilliant things have you guys done lately?  Come on, make me feel better!

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