Oh Those Boys...

Hey everybody.  You'll have to forgive me for the single, late post this week, but Tuesday was my Monday and I've been playing catch up because Pepper and I were lucky enough to have spent the weekend at the lake with Janice and Tessa!  It was a blast and I wish I could share pictures with you, but the space cadet struck again and I forgot my camera at home!  I know, what was I thinking?!?  I tried buying a point and shoot while I was down at the lake, but there wasn't much selection and the one that I got was not great and has already been returned.  Pepper and I do have plans to make another trip down while the swimming is still good and, not only to BRING A CAMERA, but to make sure that it has a waterproof case so Janice and I can get pictures of the dogs in the lake.  In the meantime, let me tell you and Jack and Louie...This picture is deceptively cute, the boys are little demons!  Adorable, sweet, constantly in trouble demons!

"Jack & Louie 2" - McKinney, Texas
Early this year my mom was outside of her house with the gutter repair guys because that one freak storm we had did a number on their gutters.
"Jack & Louie 3" - McKinney, Texas
Anyway, she's out front and these two little puppies come running up to the front porch.  Being the good neighbor that she is, my mom instantly put a sign up on the mailbox about the puppies and called around to see if anyone had reported them missing.
"Louie 5" - McKinney, Texas
Mom was a little worried about how Sophie would react because she had become used to being an only dog and very much liked being the center of attention.  Well, Sophie took to the puppies instantly.
"Jack, Louie & Sophie 1" - McKinney, Texas
The puppies have actually mellowed Sophie a bit, which is nice, but they have also taught her a few new bad dog tricks too.
"Jack 6" - McKinney, Texas
The vet has said that the boys were litter mates, so apparently their mom had a few boyfriends.  We have decided that Louie is part border collie, Australian shepherd, or English shepherd.  Originally we thought that Jack was part boxer because of his barrel chest and coloring, but as he got bigger we decided that those features combined with his size and those goofy ears mean that he is part great dane. We're not too sure what mom was since both boys look so different from each other. They are definitely brothers though and pick on each other ALL the time.  However, it's generally a safe bet that Jack is the instigator of most every tussle.
"Jack & Louie 4" - McKinney, Texas
From the minute you walk into my parents' house Louie is glued to you.  We are trying to teach him not to jump and/or put his feet on you, but he feels like everyone should be loving on him all the time!  Thus the nickname the attention hog.
"Fetch 1" - McKinney, Texas
Do you remember that movie A Christmas Story?  Best Christmas movie!  If you don't know it, they play it repeatedly all day Christmas, check it out.  Well, in A Christmas Story, the oldest son comes down dressed in this horrible pink bunny outfit that his aunt gave him for Christmas and his dad says that he looks like a demented Easter bunny.  So, with his giant ears and penchant for picking fights, Jack is our demented bunny.
"Fetch 2" - McKinney, Texas
When Sophie was little and was a bitey, knock you over, jump on you, pain in the butt, I started calling her Turd.  Well, mom didn't like me calling her baby Turd, so it became Turdle (pronounced like turtle), which is less offensive.  So now we have a Turdle, a Hog, and a Bunny.  Oh and I call Pepper the Beast, so...our dogs are all very confused about what type of animal they are!
"Jack & Louie 5" - McKinney, Texas
Mom and dad like to blame each other for who wanted to keep the boys and mom keeps showing Jack's pictures to her friends saying, "now are you sure you don't want him," but the boys are Matlock dogs through and through.  They knew exactly what they were doing when they found my parents' house and I don't think they could have chosen any better humans.

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