Back Together Again

I mentioned a few times last week that Janice came for a visit.  (See Little Late with Lighting, September's Clever Creation, Part .5, and September's Clever Creation, Part 2)  It was all rather casual and cool because that's how I roll...Actually there was a rather embarrassing amount of squeaking and jumping about...and only some of that was Pepper.

"Tessa 3" - McKinney, Texas
Seriously, Pepper and I were thrilled that Janice and Tessa came for such a nice, long visit, especially because Janice was up to meet with a few of her clients and I had to work last week too.  The long visit meant that we didn't have to try and cram everything in in a day and a half or feel guilty about working through part of the visit.  Because Janice and I were both going to be working we had to figure out something to do with the dogs during the day.  Pepper normally stays home loose in the house (I'll tell you about how my mom unkennel trained her another time), but Tessa goes in her kennel and is never left for more than a few hours at a time, so our normal routines were not going to work.  Pepper would have tried to figure out how to bust Tessa out of her kennel, probably succeeded, but destroyed the kennel in the process, and then who knows what havoc they would have reigned.  We ended up taking them to a doggie daycare called 2nd Family Dogs.  (Yes, in case you were wondering, I am SO trying to sell out.  If anyone at 2nd Family Dogs sees this and wants to give me a free day or 2 million of daycare, I will take it!)  The first day I got to drop them off and pick them up by myself which was an adventure in and of itself.  They could hardly wait to get into and out of the car and did their very best to tie me up in knots.  2nd Family Dogs has cameras around their facility so that you can link in and check on your dog.  Luckily Janice didn't tell me about that until the end of the day, otherwise I would have been looking in on them all day.  When I did check out the cameras I got to watch my goofy dog standing in the middle of the big dog play area while all of the other dogs ran around her.  She was just standing there staring.  I mean a few of the other dogs were playing and bumping each other, ran right into her and she just moved over a bit and went right back to standing there.  I know that's not what she did all day because she is a social dog, plus she came home and passed out, but she just stood there for a REALLY LONG time.  There was a bit of miscommunication that day and the girls ended up in separate areas because they are vastly different sized dogs.  They had a good time, but they are much happier together.
"Best Buddies 2" - McKinney, Texas
Day two they were both put in the big dog area and had a grand time running around with each other.  Janice checked in on them at one point and they were both testing out all of the wadding pools.  When I checked on them they were taking turns following each other around, running from one side of the play area to the other.  That day I drove and Janice ran the dogs in and picked them up.  Apparently the dogs had both gotten into the wadding pools right before we came to pick them up because they were both soaked!  The guy who brought them out was nice enough to dry them off, but they were so wiggly that Janice had to let both of their leashes go so that they could catch and dry them one at a time.  Pepper decided that this was her time to escape to her car and kept trying to push open the glass doors with her head.  Neither dog moved the whole ride home and they both passed out right after dinner.  Tessa, who does not do well when left with anyone who is not Janice, actually abandoned Janice and curled up by me that night.  Janice feigned hurt, but luckily my fair weather dog was more than happy to curl up next to Janice.  Our dogs just make me laugh.  Oh, and yes, the picture above is in fact Pepper using Tessa as a pillow.

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