Bad Riddles and Jokes and Puns

I've told you about my friend Carrie a few times, in Babies and Embarrassing Things and The Garden Show and So Many Clever People, and my first monthly art project was doing a ribbon frame around the beautiful painting she gave me for my birthday this year.  I was pretty sure that I had told you about her special ringtone on my cellphone, but I can't find it now.  Either way, it's my cellphone screaming "why won't you answer me," which Carrie and I think is hilarious.  What I haven't told you about is Carrie's love of riddles, jokes, and puns...bad riddles, jokes, and puns.  I mean super cheesy, icky, sticky, terrible, hurt your brain riddles, jokes, and puns.  I affectionately refer to them as groaners and Carrie has hundreds of them!

"Carrie and Her Art 1" - Frisco, Texas
Over the last nine or so years that I have known Carrie I have heard them all...multiple times.  So I'm always on the lookout for an actual good riddle, joke, or pun to share with her.  A few years ago, the last time I did the Komen 3 Day Walk, my walking buddies and I started walking with another group of girls and we all got to chatting.  Well, one of the girls had a favorite joke that, even 4 years later, got her so tickled that she had a hard time telling it.  I thought it was perfect for Carrie.
Carrie did not think that it was nearly as funny as I thought she would.  Seriously?  Even I giggled a bit, mostly it was at the girl who was laughing so hard at her own joke she was crying, but still...What's your favorite terrible joke?

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