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The last time I was down visiting Janice she asked if I could help her do a logo for her lake house.  I was more than happy to help.  So while driving around to fun local restaurants and trying to find a new camera for me, we talked about what she wanted to call her lake house and what she wanted in the logo.

"Tex's Jubilee Logo 1" - Hilltop Lakes, Texas
Janice has a job that allows her to telecommute most of the time and the majority of her coworkers are from various cities on each coast and up north.  One coworker in particular always calls Janice Tex, which she loves.  For Janice, as I'm sure it would be for many of us, buying this lake house was a dream.  Combining Tex and jubilee, which is a period of celebration, she is calling it Tex's Jubilee Lakehouse.
"Tex's Jubilee Logo 2" - Hilltop Lakes, Texas
While Janice was making us a fantastic breakfast casserole I put together the top logo.  I used Janice's favorite font, bleeding cowboy, how great is that name, and a more traditional blocky font that I customized.  I had to recreate the Texas flag because all of the images I was finding were a bit fuzzy.  I turned the word Jubilee into an outline only and put the flag in behind before removing all of the parts that were outside of the word.  I drew the line and the star before adding lakehouse in a font that was almost what I wanted.  I stretched the word then added and removed bits to get the font exactly like I wanted.  Put it all together and there you go.  I ended up doing two versions.  Janice is using version number 1, which one is your favorite?  I think I'm leaning toward version number 2.

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