It's Halloween Time!

I love Halloween!  Seriously, a holiday that celebrates getting dressed up in crazy outfits and candy!  I am SO in!  I know that that's not really the basis for Halloween and we'll get into the real story later, but first I was to share this mask I made with you.

"Mask 1 Finished 1" - McKinney, Texas
Sadly I do not have step by step instructions as I made the mask a few years ago and, well, let's face it, I'm not good with step by step instructional photos anyway.  I get all excited and suddenly the project is done and I haven't taken any photos, I can get a little carried away.  I'm working on it, but...In general here's what I did:  I got a basic plastic mask from Micheal's, along with butterflies made from feathers, and glitter.  Can't have a mask without glitter!  The glitter that I got is from a company called Art Minds.  It's supposed to be "Onyx," but it's more of a sparkly navy than a black, which I really like with the red butterflies.  I decided that the plastic mask would get hot and sticky if I was wearing it for very long, so I took one of the t-shirts that I was going to turn into dog bed stuffing, and created a cloth back to the mask.  I simply sewed it on using a thick needle and regular thread.  *Hint: I cut out the general shape of the mask, then sewed it on before cutting the t-shirt to the exact size of the mask.  This gave me a little wiggle room with the edge of the mask and ensured that I didn't cut the material too small.  The mask was still hot, but at least my face wasn't stuck to the plastic, so I was happy.  At this point I also added some ribbons to actually hold the mask to my face.  I then covered the whole front of the mask in a thin layer of regular Elmer's glue, yep the stuff that you and/or your friends used, and probably ate, in elementary school.  Then a thorough coat of glitter.  I let everything set for at least 24 hours before sewing on the butterflies.  The thread from sewing on the cloth back will show through the glitter a bit, but they just look like small raised areas.  It doesn't bother me.  I actually think that you could create a beautiful textured pattern if you were up for it.  I was not.  Now for the butterflies.  You could just glue the butterflies on, though I would recommend something stronger than Elmer's, but I wanted to make sure that they weren't going to go anywhere.  I also added a bit of glitter to their bodies because I was not digging the plain black plastic bodies. And now you have a beautiful, glittery, butterfly mask!
"Mask 1 Finished 2" - McKinney, Texas
I have the bits and pieces to make a couple more masks, so I hope to have something fun to share with you next week.  What clever things have you come up with for Halloween?

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