Crafting Fails and Slow Progress

Today is two for one day because I was MIA on Monday.  Aren't you so lucky?!?

"Photo Props During and Christmas Ornament 1" - McKinney, Texas
While on vacation I did manage to make a small bit of progress on my VERY overdue to be completed photo props.  Mostly, I covered several in glitter, plus added some sequins to my tiara.  While I was thrilled to get a few minutes to make some progress on this really should not have taken me this long to finish craft, but it did mean that there was glitter all over the cabin the fam rented: the table, the kitchen, the living room, my family, all our dogs...basically everywhere!  Ah, the price we pay for fun, shiny, crafty things.
"Christmas Ornament 1 Failure 1" - McKinney, Texas
And now on to my failure...Well, I was trying to make these fun paper ornaments that I found at Homemade Gifts Made Easy.  The front of this one ornament turned out nicely and in theory the other works...
"Christmas Ornament 1 Failure 2" - McKinney, Texas
But in my non-wifi having state I couldn't remember where I had seen the project and found a different tutorial that recommended fewer circles.  I couldn't even get the whole thing to glue together to make a circle with only 9 pieces, so I tried again with more, got distracted, and ended up gluing the wrong bits to other wrong bits and totally screwed up the backside.  And even more circles resulted in a very overcrowded ornament.  I've decided that I need to stick with colored on both sides scrapbook paper and try again.  Hopefully I'll get it down and I can walk you guys through the process.

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