Decorated for Christmas?

Ok, so I had big plans to at least start to decorate for Christmas this week and this is as far as I have gotten...

"Christmas 2014 Before 1" - McKinney, Texas
And there are still boxes in storage!  It's been a crazy week at work so I've been getting home late, but I have managed to decide what my theme, it's not really a theme, but what style I'm going to be going for this year.  I am thinking: a mix of home-made in 50's modern colors (i.e. the traditional red, green, and white with some turquoise and pink thrown in there) with some classic mercury glass and more old fashion decorations.  So I'll be using a lot of the ornaments that I have, minus the jewel tones and pastels, plus I'm going to make some new ornaments and decorations.
"Christmas 2014 Before 2" - McKinney, Texas
I'm going to see if hole punches will punch through sheets of felt to make garland (that's what the picture above is, the pieces of my garland project and some glittery ornaments because, well, glitter) and I've got some ideas for some paper ornaments too (with more glitter!).  I'm hoping to have a few things at least started this weekend, so look for those over the next several weeks.

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