Coming This Week - Trips with Dogs, Too Much Turkey, and McKinney's Holiday Weekend

So this week I'm going to catch you up on our family trip and Thanksgiving (hint: SO MUCH FOOD!)

"Oklahoma 1" - Beavers Bend State Resort Park, Oklahoma
And then I'm going to share some photos from the event in downtown McKinney this past weekend, "Home for the Holidays!"
"Thanksgiving Table 2" - McKinney, Texas
But first just a few comments on the weather:  Ok, going into fall, which is seriously a laughable term in Texas because we generally don't actually have falls, basically we have summer for about 8 months of the year, with 3 months of can't decide if it really wants to be winter countered by being housebound for several days (granted our housebound is an easy winter day for any state where every city in the state actually owns their own clearing vehicles and they don't have to be shared between cities like a very odd winter weather vehicle library), and finally about a month of spring.  Anyway, going into fall people kept saying that this was going to be a terrible winter, worst winter for several years, blah, blah, gripe, gripe.  Not so secretly, this made me very happy because I love winter and cold weather!  But yesterday, oh yesterday, it was 80 degrees!  I had to turn on the air conditioning in my car! at the end of November!  Ok, so today is in the 40s and it's gloomy, but seriously!  Where is my winter?!?

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