Have Dogs Will Travel for Turkey

So last week I mentioned that the fam and I went up to Oklahoma for a quick vacation, but what I did not tell you was that we took all of the dogs...I know, we're a little insane.

"Oklahoma 2" - Beavers Bend State Resort Park, Oklahoma
My parents rented us a cabin up near Broken Bow Lake in Oklahoma.  We made the roughly three hour drive north in two cars with two dogs in each car, took a couple of unplanned scenic routes, before finally reaching the cabin on Saturday evening.
"Oklahoma 3" - Beavers Bend State Resort Park, Oklahoma
The drive up was...well, we survived and so did the dogs...barely.  My dog likes to get up and look out the windows, particularly the driver's window, Sophie does not like riding in the car and makes whiny, squeaky noises pretty much the whole drive, Louie gets car sick when he's not on his magic, crazy expensive pills from the vet and is constantly trying to climb into the front seat because he thinks he needs to sit in your lap, and Jack squeaks and chews on things, pretty much anything he's not supposed to chew on is fair game.  All in all, a handful to travel with.  Also, keep in mind that my dog, at 65-70 lbs, is the smallest of the bunch.
"Oklahoma 4" - Beavers Bend State Resort Park, Oklahoma
One day we took all of the dogs over to the lake.  As those of you who read my posts about visiting Janice will know, Pepper loves to swim and it takes very little no persuading to get her into a lake, swimming pool, fountain, pretty much anything but a bathtub.  Sophie can swim, but has not had much practice and the only exposure that the boys have had to this point is the kiddie pool that my parents had for the dogs (which they chewed up the other day).  Pepper is a beautiful swimmer, yes, I'm bias, but she really is.  Sophie flails a bit, but with more practice I think she'll be a much prettier swimmer too, but the boys, oh the boys...The bro threw a rock into the lake and Jack dove right in to try and get it.  He looked like a hot mess thrashing about, but he kept his head above water and swam in a little circle and was so insanely proud of himself!  Jack thought swimming in the lake was fantastic!  Louie is not a water lover, but he was jumping around splashing everyone having a great time in the shallow area.  The lake was a huge hit with the dogs!
"Vacation Buddies" - Beavers Bend State Resort Park, Oklahoma
This picture was going to be all of mom and dad's dogs curled up in a single dog bed together because Pepper was in the other bed and refused to share with anyone, but right as I went to take the picture the bro and dad came home from fishing, so...
"Thanksgiving Table 3" - McKinney, Texas
On to Thanksgiving.
"Thanksgiving Starters 2014" - McKinney, Texas
As usual, everyone cooked something and we had a great turn out...
"Thanksgiving Experiments 2014" - McKinney, Texas
"Thanksgiving Boozes 2014" - McKinney, Texas
"Thanksgiving Sweet Treats 2014" - McKinney, Texas
"Thanksgiving Table Aftermath 2014" - McKinney, Texas
As you can see by the ransacked table.  I should have gotten a picture of all of the dishes after the meal, it was crazy!
"Candy Turkeys 2014" - McKinney, Texas

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