It's Looking More Like Christmas!

So it's finally looking more like Christmas at my house.  I really thought that I was going to be ahead of the game this year, but no, next week is Christmas and there is still more that I would like to do.

"Christmas 2014 Small Touches 1" - McKinney, Texas
I am proud to say that all of my shopping is done.  I do have a few homemade gifts that I am working on and I still have to wrap everything, but...I'm going to focus on the fact that I got my shopping done and worry about the rest tomorrow.
"Christmas 2014 Apothecary Jar After 1" - McKinney, Texas
The verdict is in and I am turning into my mother!
"Christmas 2014 Small Touches 2" - McKinney, Texas
I mentioned last year that my mother is a Christmas fiend and even has a whole closet, which is really the size of a small room, dedicated to storing her Christmas decorations.
"Christmas 2014 Small Touches 3" - McKinney, Texas
"Christmas 2014 Small Touches 4" - McKinney, Texas
I've managed to put at least a bit of Christmas in my living room
"Christmas 2014 Small Touches 5" - McKinney, Texas
My office, my studio
"Christmas 2014 Small Touches 6" - McKinney, Texas
My guest bathroom, my dining room
"Christmas 2014 Small Touches 7" - McKinney, Texas
And my kitchen!
"Christmas 2014 Wreath During 4" - McKinney, Texas
Oh, and the front porch, which is where my wreath is!
"Christmas 2014 Wreath After 1" - McKinney, Texas
I ended up making a garland out of jute and wooden beads.  I think it adds an extra little something to my sorta foofy wreath.
"Christmas 2014 Wreath After 2" - McKinney, Texas
I fed the beads on the jute and then tied a knot on either side.  I made the distance between the beads two hands across, but you could do any length you want.  The beauty of feeding the beads on first and sort of working backwards is that you can then make the garland however long you want.  I still have more beads which I'm planning on making into more garland.  I don't know that it will get done before Christmas, but that's ok because this garland can be used for any holiday or for decoration year round.

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