A Birthday Present For The Bro

Ok, I know that I said that I would work on creating tutorials and I have not done that with the first project of this year, but I had to get it done before the bro headed back to New York.

"Bottle Opener After 1" - McKinney, Texas
I have seen these fun bottle openers all over the internet in various configurations and I decided that the bro and dad each needed one.  I found a lady on Etsy who hand painted antique looking bottle openers in a variety of colors and I ordered several.  I already had a plaque on hand, so last month for his birthday the bro got a plaque and a bottle opener and the promise of a finished hanging bottle opener before he headed back north after Christmas.  The bro got the unfinished project for his birthday because I wasn't sure how he would want the opener: with a mason jar to catch the caps, with a magnet to catch the caps, just the bottle opener, did he want the plaque at all?  So many ways that it could be put together, and the bro came up with a great idea!
"Bottle Opener Before 1" - McKinney, Texas
Since the bro lives in an apartment he decided that he wanted the opener to go on the fridge and the back should be covered in magnets.  I had a set of round super magnetized magnets, so that worked out great.  For this project I needed: a bottle opener, two screws, washers, and nuts to hold the opener to the plaque, a plaque, six magnets, stain, a drill with several different sized drill bits and a wood bits, and good glue.  It only took one magnet to hold up the plaque and one to hold up the actual bottle opener, but I ended up using five on the back because I wanted to make sure that the thing didn't slide around on the fridge when it was used.  I also used one magnet on the front to catch the bottle caps.
"Bottle Opener After 2" - McKinney, Texas
The first thing I did was sand the plaque to make sure that it was nice and smooth.  I then placed the bottle opener where I wanted it and marked the holes for the screws.  I found the appropriate drill bit and drilled both holes all the way through the plaque.  I wanted to make sure that the back of the plaque was a smooth surface when I was done, so I then measured the diameter of the washers and found a wood bit with the right diameter.  On the backside of the plaque I used the wood bit to create a larger hole around the screw hole just to the depth of the washer and nut.  Make sure not to drill too far, you want there to be enough of the plaque to secure the bottle opener.  I then created similar partial holes for the magnets to sit in on the back and one on the front.  I could have just glued the magnets on the back of the plaque, but setting them down in the wood means that, should the bro decide he would like the bottle opener on his wall rather than his fridge, he just has to add a hanger rather than having to remove all of the magnets and then add a hanger.  I wanted him to have options.  After all of the holes where drilled I gave everything another quick once over with some sand paper before wiping the plaque down and staining it a beautiful walnut color.  I used gorilla glue to get all of the magnets in place and put the whole thing together after the stain was dry dryish.  Love gorilla glue, but be careful because the stuff does expand!
"Bottle Opener After 3" - McKinney, Texas
I'm quite pleased with how the whole thing turned out and I promise, when my dad and I put his together his bottle opener with a mason jar to catch the caps, I will really try to get more during pictures to do a proper tutorial.

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