So Many Mailboxes!

You may or may remember (because it was SO long ago) that I mentioned that I would ask my aunt if I could tell you the story about the time that she got stuck in a port-o-pot.  Well, I finally asked and my aunt graciously said that I could tell the story, but only if she could edit the posts before they went up and if I told you the story of why my family has given me mailbox paraphernalia every Christmas for the past 15 years.
"Mailboxes and More Mailboxes 1" - McKinney, Texas
So, I hit a mailbox when I was 21.  The end.
"Mailboxes and More Mailboxes 2" - McKinney, Texas
Ok, ok, I can see my aunt shaking her head and saying that if that’s how I want to play it then her story is that she got stuck in a port-o-potty.  The end.  And that is SO not the story that I plan on telling you guys, so here’s the real story.
"Mailboxes and More Mailboxes 3" - McKinney, Texas
When I was 21 I had perfected the art of keeping my car going straight ahead while I leaned over to get something from the seat next to me.  Not that I advocate this at all and I tell you this story with the caveats that: You should always keep your eyes on the road, hands at 10 and 2, listen to your mother, do what I say not what I do, wear clean underwear, and all of those other driving and life lessons that we hear all of the time and sometimes ignore more often than we should.
"Mailboxes and More Mailboxes 4" - McKinney, Texas
So, being the “skilled” driver that I was, I was fairly certain that I could drive down the windy street that my parents lived off of while picking my CD player up off of the floor of the car and getting it hooked up.  Oh, for those of you who are too young to remember back in the old days before cars came with built-in CD players and dinosaurs roamed the Earth: If you wanted to play a CD in your car, you had to connect your Discman, that’s a personal CD player, to your radio with this contraption that looked like a tape.  And tapes were what music came on before CDs and after records and 8 tracks.  I’m not even going to try to explain what 8 tracks are/were.
"My Studio 6" - McKinney, Texas *Do you see the bright read bank in the shape of an old British mailbox on the middle shelf?
Anyway, I’m leaning over picking my Discman up off the floor of my car, while I’m driving.  I know, I know, stupid!!!  I’ll mention now that my aunt has some issues with me using the word perfected in reference to my keeping the car straight skills, but those skills are why, while leaning over, the car kept going straight on the aforementioned windy road.  See a major flaw in my plan yet?  At that point I jumped the curb and took out a mailbox, but not just any mailbox, a giant, brick, fortress of a mailbox.  I also took off most of the front passenger side of my car, spread mailbox bricks ALL over the street, and startled every neighbor within several blocks that happened to be home at the time.
"Mailboxes and More Mailboxes 5" - McKinney, Texas
Yep, such a proud moment in my life.  That Christmas my loving aunt gave me an antique tow truck toy and what would be the first of MANY MANY mailbox items.  Don’t tell my aunt, but I actually love the tow truck and I kind of look forward to seeing what new mailbox item will appear each Christmas.  At this point I have more mailbox ornaments than I can count, two stamp dispensers, a book, a photograph, china salt and pepper shakers, several banks, an actual mailbox, and probably more that I am forgetting at the moment.

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