Coming This Week - Flowers Galore: Garden Show and Paper Art

This past weekend was the Collin County Master Gardeners' Show in McKinney and I've got several people to introduce you to.  We may actually have to have two posts, we'll see.

"Garden Show 2015 1" - McKinney, Texas
You're also going to be getting two paper art projects this week! Because I'm a genius and forgot to bring the photograph last week, though I am thinking that I might redo last week's piece because I keep looking at it and doing a daffodil in paper from the front doesn't look right, at least mine doesn't.  It looks like someone put a cooked egg on top of a yellow starfish, a strange, blobby, slightly misshaped starfish.
"Paper Cutout During 4" - McKinney, Texas
You'll get to hear more about her in June, but I wanted to give you a quick introduction to my new friend Desireé.  I was asked to write an article on Desireé and her coffee shop for the June issue of McKinney Magazine (Yea!!!).  While taking photographs Desireé kept giving me that fake, posey smile that you give when someone asks you to smile for a photograph, so I asked her to give me more teeth and this is what I got...
"Desireé" -  McKinney, Texas
There was some exaggerated winking and I'm pretty sure her tongue came out at one point, but I was laughing so hard and she kept moving so those pictures are nice and blurry.  Yep, we're going to be good friends, I can already tell.

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