Dallas Paper Art and Weather

So last week I was going to share my Dallas skyline pieces of paper art with you and then the weather...

"Paper Cutout Dallas 1" - McKinney, Texas
I'm sure it made the national news, but, in case you're living under a rock or some place with real weather, we got like three inches of snow last Friday!  I know, I know, how did I survive?
"Paper Cutout Dallas 2" - McKinney, Texas
The real danger down here with inclement weather...well, really most weather, is the other drivers.  I may or may not have mentioned a time or two...hundred, that my fellow Texas drivers CANNOT drive in anything other than complete sunshine and even that seems to be a stretch for some.  I know that there are people in Texas who can drive in weather, but they are SO few and SO far between that, honestly, on days with weather I really think that we should get stupid driver days off of work.  Kind of like snow days for schools.
"Paper Cutout Dallas 3" - McKinney, Texas
So, when the snow really started sticking around 10 a.m. last Friday and everything started shutting down shortly afterwards, that meant that the drive that normally takes me 20 to 30 minutes to make, ended up taking me about an hour and a half.  Throw in a "quick" hour long stop at the store plus not leaving the office until around one because I was trying to cram a whole day's worth of work into a few hours, and you get me spending the entire afternoon trying to make it home.  I was hoping to get some photographs of my beautiful, snow covered backyard to share with you guys, but a whole lot of jumping, butt wiggling, tail wagging, running around like a loon, covering the yard in paw prints burst out of the backdoor as soon as I opened it and pretty much killed that dream.  Pepper did have a fantastic time running around though and I got to throw snowballs and the world's most disgusting tennis ball for her, so a good time was had by all.

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