Paper Cutout Celtic Knot

In honor of St. Patrick's Day I wanted to do a Celtic knot as this week's paper art piece.  When I was trolling the internet for knot examples, I wanted to make sure that I found a knot that had a fun meaning and this one actually has several!

"Paper Cutout Celtic Knot" - McKinney, Texas
First off it's an eternity knot, i.e. it has no beginning and no end.  Eternity knots symbolize eternity, duh, but also the continuation of life and the endurance of tradition and heritage.  This particular eternity knot is composed of four triquetras, or trinity knots, which are three cornered shapes composed of several half circles, basically it's  a decorative and more complicated triangle.  The early Celts/Druids/Pagans are thought to have used the triquetra to represent three forces of nature: earth, air, and water.  It also symbolized the threefold nature of life, specifically that of a woman: maiden, mother, and crone.  Christians have used this symbol to represent the Holy Trinity.  And lastly, I thought that this knot looked a bit like a four leaf clover, or shamrock.  St. Patrick would actually use the common tri-leafed form of the shamrock to illustrate the Holy Trinity.  The more rare, four leaf form has become the universal symbol of good luck and is believed to bring the finder good fortune in all their ventures.  I found a few different versions of what each leaf represents: respect, wealth, love, and health, and more commonly: faith, hope, love, and luck.
So, my knot and I are wishing you a long life, through all it's cycles, sprinkled with a good dose of devotion, optimism, affection, and good fortune!

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