Sacred Heart Paper Art

This week's paper cutout piece is a sacred heart inspired by my friend Theresa, who you will hear more about next week!

"Paper Cutout Sacred Heart" - McKinney, Texas
One of the many creative things that Theresa does is paint Mexican folk art.  When we chatted last weekend she told me that she will be doing a piece based on the sacred heart, which is a symbol that I have loved for years.  I'm a little embarrassed to say that 1996's Romeo + Juliet  was my primary exposure to the sacred heart and not being Catholic I didn't know much about the meaning.  Granted when you see a painting of a heart, sometimes anatomical sometimes symbolic sometimes a mix, on fire in the middle of Jesus' chest, it seems a bit more obvious that it is "a symbol of his divine love for humanity." (Zinnia Folk Arts)  There are many different versions of the sacred heart, sometimes there's a crown, or flowers, a cross, or the crown of thorns.  I know that I am simplifying things, and I would love for someone who really knows what they are talking about to share more information.  For my first time out I went with the simple heart and fire and threw in a little glitter because, well, do we really need a reason for glitter?

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