Does an Honest Car Repair Guy Exist?

First off, Happy April Fool's Day!  Now, forget that it's April Fool's and let me tell you about something car repair shop with honest mechanics!!!  I know, I know, you're thinking that I must be trying to trick you, but I'm totally serious!  I'm sure that my mechanic is not the only honest one out there, but car mechanics suffer from the same generalization that lawyers do, and there are so many who are interested in ripping you off that the honest few get lost in the mix.  Well, Solutions Automotive has completely restored my faith in mechanics.

"Solutions Automotive" - McKinney, Texas
I met Joe, the owner of Solutions Automotive, several years ago at a charity event benefiting breast cancer research that I was helping to organize and he was donating items for our silent auction, as well as bidding on pretty much everything we had up for auction.  And I've been taking my car to him for a while, so why am I writing a post on Solutions Automotive now?  It is because of what I got in the mail last week...A Thank You note, and not a computer generated note, but a hand written Thank You note!  I took my car in recently because I had gone to a national tire chain to get a new tire (Solutions Automotive doesn't do tires or I would have just taken it to them) and I was told that not only did I need a new tire, but I also needed a new battery and there were issues with my suspension.  Well, I went ahead and got the new tire and battery, but took the car into Solutions to get a second opinion on the suspension issue.  The last time I took my car into be checked I was having brake issues and the guys at Solutions Automotive told me that I had a bit more time, but at some point in the near future I would need to replace my front brakes and that I had a belt that was getting pretty worn so we needed to keep an eye on that as well.  I was due for an oil change and figured it would be a good opportunity for them to check the brakes and suspension too.  So basically I go in and lay a potential $2000 - 3000 payout in their lap and what do they do?  They tell me that there is nothing wrong with my suspension system and that I still have more time on my brakes!  The belt needed to be replaced, but that was it!  And they didn't even charge me for the time it took them to check my suspension system and brakes!!!  I know!  Mind blown!  And then they send me a Thank You note?!?  I should have been sending them a Thank You note!  On top of being honest and instilling that integrity in his employees, Joe also donates a lot of time and money to several different charitable organizations!  It's sad that being honest in your work is such a rarity these days, but I am so thankful that I found such a good group of people that I trust completely.

*Other than being a customer, I am in no way associated with Solutions Automotive and I have not been paid or compensated in any way for this post and actually Joe has no idea I'm writing this post, I just wanted to promote a good local business.

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