The Cosmic Columbine

I love columbines, and not just because they remind me of family trips to Colorado, but they are just so fun!

"Aquilegia hinckleyana 3" - McKinney, Texas
These beautifully, unusual looking flowers come in a wide range of colors and the Colorado Blue Columbine is the state flower of Colorado.  Here in Texas we have a few species of columbines which are native, most of them produce yellow flowers, but there is also one with red flowers.
"Aquilegia hinckleyana 4" - McKinney, Texas
Apparently the Native Americans used to eat columbines in moderation, but there are parts of the plant that are poisonous so I wouldn't recommend it.
"Aquilegia hinckleyana 5" - McKinney, Texas
Most flowering plants require full sun, but there are varieties of columbine that can be grown in shade, including a few native to Texas.  While the plants are rather short lived perennials, about 2 years, they reseed themselves, so they will continue to come back for years.
"Aquilegia hinckleyana 6" - McKinney, Texas
I found a great collection of columbines over at the Heard-Craig House in McKinney and they reminded me of a million little comets, asteroids, and spaceships.  I have an over-active imagination, but it's like they have their own built-in swoosh lines!

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