Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!
Many of our Memorial Day plans in the north Texas area have had to be changed or canceled due to weather, including the Pecan Grove ceremony.  While we have had a much wetter May than we are used to, roughly two thirds of this month has included some sort of precipitation, and many people are unhappy about not seeing the sun and the vast amounts and frequency of rain, the over eight inches which we have received has helped bring McKinney and several other north Texas areas out of the severe drought category for the first time since May of 2012 according to National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office.  We're expecting even more rain this week and I, for one, say bring it on!  Granted, McKinney has not suffered the tornadoes and flooding, like other areas of Texas, and I do hope that those areas are granted some relief, but if McKinney, and other areas which have not had to deal with severe weather, can handle a bit more rain to help raise our water-table back up then I am happy to get a little wet.

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