Memorial Day Mishaps and Amazing Food

This year's Memorial Day was rather wet for north Texas, but my family and some good family friends got together and had a great meal and a few misadventures.

"Memorial Day 2015 1" - McKinney, Texas
My mom and I are not really what you would call timely.  Really my whole family is like that, but dad would vehemently disagree, so we'll just go with it and say that it's just mom and I.  *wink*wink*  So, my mom had this great plan so that we would get all of the food prepped early in the day, wear the dogs out, and have time to get ready and sit for a bit before our friends arrived.
"Memorial Day 2015 2" - McKinney, Texas
The day started out well.  Mom and I spent what felt like 5 hours putting together this coleslaw from I don't even know what cooking magazine where the dressing alone had 20 ingredients!  I'm sure you think I'm kidding or exaggerating, I don't know why you'd think that because I am always such a straight shooter and never melodramatic or anything, but I am being completely serious right now.  There was SO much stuff in this dressing!  It ended up tasting good, which is good because it made like a gallon of dressing.  Then my mom went a little nuts with the salad part of the coleslaw and chopped up anything she could get her hands on: some cabbage, lettuce, kale, carrots, swiss chard, and probably a few other leafy things that I can't remember at the moment.
"Memorial Day 2015 3" - McKinney, Texas
There was also some cheese grating, vegetable washing, marinating, table setting, and what not that went on, but that all went without incident and is therefore utterly uninteresting, so let's skip ahead shall we?
"Memorial Day 2015 4" - McKinney, Texas
By the way, we went for a cowboy themed Memorial Day.  Not that cowboys really have anything to do with Memorial Day, but mom had these cute cowboy boot napkins that she wanted to use and had stuck a paper decorative fire cracker in a mason jar of beans, so it only made sense to have mason jars for water glasses.  Nope, sorry, I did not get a photograph of the firecracker stuck in the beans because I kept getting the windows in the background which happen to be covered in slimy dog nose marks.
"Memorial Day 2015 5" - McKinney, Texas
Speaking of dog noses, the dogs are always a bit of a complication when doing things at my parent's house, mostly because there are SO many dogs and they are all SO big and REALLY want to be a part of everything, especially if it means getting right up in your face.  They are good dogs, really, just young and a little unruly and they all egg each other on.
"Memorial Day 2015 6" - McKinney, Texas
Anyway, we wanted to wear the dogs out, so I took all four, my parent's three and Pepper, out to the backyard, aka the mud-bowl, and we played ball for about an hour.  Well, that was the plan at least.  Sophie and Pepper are ball playing champs.  Pepper will go after any ball any time, I actually cannot use the word ball in my house or Pepper spends the next 20 minutes running around the house looking for a tennis ball.  She gets so focused when playing that she often runs into one of the other dogs who happens to have wandered into her path.  Being the smallest of the bunch you would think that she would be a little more observant of the giant 80 and 90 pound dog shaped brick walls that wander around my parent's yard.  Sophie has her own set of quirks when it come to ball, like she will run after but not get a ball if it looks like someone else, aka Pepper who already has a ball in her mouth, happens to be running in the same direction, which means that the ball thrower gets to go and get a lot of Sophie's balls for her.  At least Sophie runs around though, Louie, who really does like to play ball but is not interested in competing for a ball so you have to make sure that he gets thrown his own special ball in the opposite direction from all of the other dogs, was being such a prissy pants that he wouldn't even get off of the sidewalk because the grass was wet and muddy.  And Jack doesn't really like playing ball at all, what he does is goes after the first couple until he gets a ball he likes and then he spends the rest of the time outside running after Sophie and stealing everyone else's balls when they drop them at the feet of, or several feet away from depending on which dog you're talking about, the thrower.
"Memorial Day 2015 7" - McKinney, Texas
Our ball time ended when the dogs started taking turns getting into their kiddie pool which was full of the grossest water ever!  These dogs are not crazy about baths, a water gun is regularly used to try to keep them from doing something and is tantamount to torture by all accounts, are reluctant to go out in the rain, but you cannot keep them out of a disgusting kiddie pool!  We got everyone cleaned up and back in the house with enough time for mom, dad, and I to change and get the spinach pinwheel appetizer almost ready when our friends Kathy, Dennis, and Carrie arrived, at which point all hell broke loose.
"Memorial Day 2015 8" - McKinney, Texas
When my mom went to answer the door I came to hold the dogs, but holding dogs, where my dog is the only one with a collar because Jack and Louie keep taking off and chewing up everyone's collars, is a little tricky.  Needless to say Jack and Louie escaped from the house and proceeded to run around the neighbor's very large, very muddy yard like lunatics completely ignoring my poor mother.  Once they were sufficiently covered in mud they tried to run past my dad into the house, but luckily mom and I caught them and got them cleaned up...again.  Seriously, of the two of them prissy pants Louie who wouldn't play ball earlier had mud EVERYWHERE!
"Memorial Day 2015 9" - McKinney, Texas
We finally get all of the dogs in and settled so that we could traverse to dog maze from the kitchen to the table to enjoy our steak, million ingredient coleslaw, corn on the cob, bread, and cauliflower faux-tatoes.  It was all so good!  But there was more!  We ended the meal with some vanilla ice cream topped chocolate sauce and Kathy's homemade raspberry sauce!
"Memorial Day 2015 10" - McKinney, Texas
Thank you, thank you to all of the brave men and women who have given their lives for our nation, may your sacrifice and that of your family never be forgotten.  I hope that your Memorial Day was as yummy and maybe a little less muddy than mine!

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