Odysseus Chamber Orchestra Presents Beethoven

During our super busy end of April, I also told you about the Odysseus Chamber Orchestra's performance of Beethoven and I am pleased to share with you some of my photographs.
I did not end up going to the Friday concert in McKinney...
"Odysseus - Beethoven 1" - Frisco, Texas
But I was able to go to the Saturday performance in Frisco.
"Odysseus - Beethoven 2" - Frisco, Texas
I arrived early and got several photographs of the musicians warming up.  I don't know about you, but for some reason I really love the beautifully, chaotic sounds of an orchestra warming up, especially that big cacophony of tuning after the first violinist comes on stages, but before the conductor comes out.
"Odysseus - Beethoven 3" - Frisco, Texas
Beethoven's 9th Symphony was the piece performed and it is made up of four movements with the first three being instrumental only.
"Odysseus - Beethoven 4" - Frisco, Texas
The choir, in this case the Frisco Chorale, comes in during the forth and final movement.
"Odysseus - Beethoven 5" - Frisco, Texas
Beethoven's 9th was the last completed symphony written by the composer and is probably his most well know.  It was one of the first symphonies composed incorporating the voice, with the words taken from Friedrich Schiller's poem "Ode to Joy."
"Odysseus - Beethoven 6" - Frisco, Texas
I must admit that I could not immediately pull Beethoven's 9th Symphony to mind, as, in my head, it is predominately referred to as simply "Ode to Joy."  However, the minute the orchestra began to play the music was unmistakably familiar.
"Odysseus - Beethoven 7" - Frisco, Texas
The symphony was commissioned in 1817 and completed in 1824, and the Odysseus Chamber Orchestra and Frisco Chorale did a wonderful job adding another memorable performance to the long and notable history of this symphony.
"Odysseus - Beethoven 8" - Frisco, Texas
The whole performance was quite successful, I thought, and the audience agreed with a standing ovation.

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