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I know my posts are a little all over the show lately and here is yet another.  Today, I want to tell you about this great show that I found on Netflix called Granite Flats.  Granite Flats is a Brigham Young University Production, which if you are like me and weren't aware, is a Mormon university.  Did you know that apparently all of the Mormons in the US took over Utah?  Janice gave me a hard time for not knowing that Brigham Young was a Mormon university, but why would I know that?  I don't know every Catholic, Episcopal, Baptist, or other religious universities in the US, unless it's actually in the name like Southern Methodist University, and then there's like a 50/50 shot I'd get the religion right.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that SMU is a Catholic Methodist university.  And at the time of the conversation I was unaware of the Mormon relocation project, or that the University was in Utah, so...

"Lilium asiatic 2" - McKinney, Texas
Anyway, back to the important stuff.  Granite Flats is mystery show about the inhabitants of a small town during the cold war set in, you guessed it, Granite Flats, which is not located in Utah, but in Colorado.  The town includes an army base and military hospital and is surrounded by beautiful woods and mountains.  Season one starts with Arthur and his mother, Beth, moving to Granite Flats after the death of Arthur's father who was a pilot in the Air Force.  While this is a mystery show, this is not a solve a new mystery every week show.  This is an intricate, the answer to one question raises four more questions, many well developed, featured characters, can't solve it in the first five minutes, maybe a little slow moving compared to other shows but this means that you really get into what's going on and who is involved, each season leaves you with more questions and you can't wait to get to the next season, can watch it with the whole family kind of shows.  There is some religion in the show, with the characters attending church and Pastor Todd making somewhat regular appearances, but it is not a religious show.  I really want to call Pastor Todd a priest because that's what I mentally call all clergymen because I'm Episcopal and that's what our clergymen are called, priests.  Wait, does clergymen refer to all religions?  Oh whatever, you know what I mean and I digress.  So for those of you who are not particularly religious, not to worry.  Other than some choice excerpts from the bible appropriate to whatever the given situation is and the lesson to be learned, the show is primarily about the way that this diverse group of characters interact with each other when they all have secrets and no one is totally sure who they can trust.
"Danaus plexippus 3" - McKinney, Texas
I managed to watched all three seasons in a matter of a few weeks.  Yep, I got addicted.  Granted each season is only eight episodes long, so it's not quite as crazy, shut-in watching TV all day and night as it sounds.  But now I have to wait a whole year for the next season!!!  I have to tell you that in season three, don't worry I'm not going to spoil anything, Christopher Loyd and Parker Posey show up and oh my goodness!  Christopher Loyd was Doc in Back to the Future, so obviously he just rules and he has a fantastic character in Granite Flats, an enthusiastic teacher, excuse me, professor, who is fascinated with secret identities and subterfuge!  And Parker Posey! I have such a girl crush on her, she is just amazing!  From Waiting for Guffman (which if you haven't seen you must, it's a hilarious mockumentory) to Josie and the Pussycats (a wonderfully cheesy movie based on a comic book, and later cartoon series, from the 60s), Parker Posey always plays fun characters and in Granite Flats her character, Alice, is a complicated and endearing mix of unexpectedly deep philosophical insights and a blunt, no nonsense approach to life.
"Papaver nudicaule 1" - Chicago Botanic Garden
I would definitely suggest giving this series a look and, even if you start out thinking it's a little slow, watch several episodes because I really think you'll get addicted too!

***Update: So, I've decided that three episodes is the entry requirement for this show.  If you're not a fan after three episodes, then it's probably not the show for you.  I would say skip ahead and watch season three because Parker Posey, but you'd be a little lost on the story so just watch it and love it and then you'll get Parker Posey, which is the cherry on top of a great show.  I swear this weekend Janice must have said, "I love that Rascal Graphite Fairway show (which means Granite Flats), it's so good and such a smart show!" about 20 times.  Ah Janice, Rascal Graphite Fairway Flats Granite Gravity, I'm pretty sure Roto-rooter even made it in there once, you gotta love her!

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