A Much Needed Vacation

I cannot tell you guys how much I needed a vacation!  After cleaning up a house for showings, dealing with showings, packing up an entire house in a rather short amount of time, job hunting, and moving, which, as we previously discussed, is the end of the world! I really needed a break!  So I was thrilled when Janice allowed Pepper and I to invite ourselves for a visit!

Pepper apparently needed some lake time too because we had hardly gotten out of the car and said hi to Janice and Tessa before Pepper bolted for the lake.  Janice gave me a hug and suddenly both of our dogs were gone.  We assumed they were both exploring the backyard, but we found Tessa digging a hole and Pepper was out in the lake grinning from ear to ear.
We had some scheduled swims on Saturday and Sunday, and I got some fun action shots of Pepper.  I do wish she was more in focus, but...
There were also some action shot fails...Yep, there's a dog in there somewhere.
And then I figured out how to set the continuous photo setting on my camera.  Unfortunately I had the lens extender on the waterproof bag and I managed to get a portion of the lens protector in most of my photographs.  I think next time I'll forgo the extender, it's too hard to see through the bag clear enough to make sure that it's a clean shot.
Next time I will also remember to bring my super-duty, high SPF sunscreen.  Despite the fact that Janice and I are both pale, somehow I'm the only one of us that burns.  Janice laughed when I said that I could burn with sunscreen on, but then my face, even with SPF 41, decided to show her how it's done.  Needless to say the next day I had on two layers of sunscreen, a big hat, and sunglasses.  And luckily I really just got a little pink on Saturday.
We were hoping to get some cute photographs of the dogs together, but only managed to get some shadow photographs.  With two black dogs, shadow photographs are really not the way to go.
And all of the water shots looked like this...
And there were very few of them because Tessa would much rather dig holes in the sand than swim around in the lake.
I guess Pepper and I will have to go back down for another photo-shoot.  It will be torture, but we're willing to make the sacrifice.

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