Apartments vs. Houses

I've rented about five different apartments throughout my adulthood and one house that I lived in for around five years, so obviously I'm an expert...Yeah, no, but I thought I'd put together a list of some of the pros and cons for renting a house vs. an apartment in my experience.

Cleaning: I think that we have well established the fact that I hate to clean, if not, I hate to clean.  I don't think it's all!  Yes, I like things to be clean, but I could do without the whole necessary process to get from dirty to clean.  I keep wishing that those little shoe making elves would change vocations and decide to clean my place at night while I'm asleep instead of making shoes.  Since that hasn't happened yet and I am forced to actually clean my own place, it's a tragedy, I know, but I have to say that the apartment is better for cleaning.  I have several nick nacks, which I keep thinking I should get rid of because they are such a pain to keep dust-free, but I really like them, so...Anyway, because of said nick nacks, my regularly shedding dog, and decent amount of furniture, neither the house nor the apartment was a snap to clean, but the almost 100 year old house sure did get dustier much faster than the apartment.  Good sealing windows definitely cut down on the dust factor and now I don't feel like I should dust every other day, which we both know never really happened, right?  So cleaning goes to the apartment.
Social: These days so many people do not know their neighbors, but I really like knowing who I'm living near.  In an apartment you have a much larger group of people living close together than you do in a single family home neighborhood.  That being said, the house I rented was in the historic district of McKinney which is very much like the neighborhood that I grew up in and I knew a lot of my neighbors.  I'm slowly meeting people in the apartment complex, but I have already made a friend named Carrie.  Yep I got me another Carrie, this one makes three and funnily enough they all have dark, curly hair.  Hmmm...I think social is a toss up and really depends on your personality.

Repair Work: You can pretty much bet that something is going to break or wear out while you're living in a place, it just happens.  In a house you are more likely to have a personal relationship with your landlord, while most apartment complexes are run by corporations.  With repair work both, the landlord and the corporation, want to keep you happy while being efficient with their man-power and expenses.  Minor things like not being able to get the dome off of the light in the bedroom to replace the burnt out bulbs can be forgotten rather easily if there is a list of repairs when given to a landlord, however, if there is something like a burst pipe after hours you are much more likely to get an immediate response from a landlord than a corporation.  Repair work for both an apartment and a house is generally rather good, but after hours responses have to go to the house in my experience.

Amenities:  Most houses do not include dog parks or pools.  There's a backyard and if you invite friends over with their dogs it can sort of be like a dog park, but smaller and with fewer people and dogs, and generally not new people you don't know, cause if there are people you don't know wandering around your backyard with their dog then you have a whole other set of problems.  You probably also do not have a pool in your rental house, they are expensive and most tenants don't want to take care of them, so they turn into slime covered mosquito habitats that should be studied.  Most apartment complexes do include dog parks and pools, as well as other amenities, none of which you have to actually take care of, other than picking up after your dog and that's just proper manners.  Yes, some neighborhoods have these amenities, but far from all.  So I think the amenities got to the apartment, but, just like social, the value of these amenities really depends on your personality.
PJ Time: I am one of those people who comes home from work and immediately puts on my PJs.  Late night, unannounced visits from friends will result in you having to see me in my PJs or me not answering the door, take you're pick.  I LOVE my PJs.  I have a million and they are comfortable, and most look terrible, hence the high comfort level, they have been WELL broken in.  This new apartment living with a dog has SERIOUSLY cut into my PJ time because now I have to actually take Pepper out for late night walks!  The inhumanity of it all!  In the house we went on a good walk in the morning and could play ball in the backyard or she could just go out on her own and do her business in the evenings, and I could be in my PJs because it was my backyard and who could see me.  Now we have to go on several walks throughout the day, including after work during what should be PJ time and can't be because I don't want to give all of my neighbors nightmares!  PJ time goes to the house.

All in all there are pros and cons to both renting a house and an apartment.  Which is best for you depends on where you are in life.  Renting the house was great practice for owning one and now I just need to find a cute one that I can live in for the rest of my life so that I never have to move again!

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