Coming This Week - One Hot Car Show, a Proper Introduction to My Friend, and a Public Service Announcement

Hello everyone.  So you may have noticed that the Coming This Weeks are popping up on Tuesdays now.  I read that blog traffic is higher on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so I'm going to try for posts on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and we'll see how it all goes.

This week I'm going to share photographs from the latest Morning Maniacs car show.  Plus I've got a friend that I am excited to properly introduce you all to.  But first:

A Public Service Announcement:
In our selfie obsessed, look at me world people have got to remember that wildlife is called wildlife for a reason, it is wild.  Please, please quit trying to take selfies with wild animals.  You may end up with an interesting selfie right before you end up as a "latest dumb wildlife incident" headline.  I read an article about a man who thought he'd pick up a rattlesnake for a selfie.   Yeah, he got bit and a HUGE medical bill.  I'm sorry, when did picking up a venomous snake start sounding like a good idea?  Especially if you're not a trained professional and don't have a hold of it around the back of the head so it can't bite you?  Not that I would recommend picking up a poisonous snake behind the head or otherwise because IT'S A TERRIBLE IDEA!  And then there's the article about a woman who decided to take her child to get close to a bison for a selfie and got tossed like a rag doll.   First, bison have horns, and not just for decoration.  Second, they are massive animals, like a small car massive animals, with horns, and an instinct to protect itself with said horns from what it perceives as danger, so...Third, she wasn't even the first tourist this year to Yellowstone to get hurt by a bison!  She was the fifth!  Seriously people take photographs from a safe distance, no selfie is worth getting killed.  And if you REALLY have to have that close up photograph go to a hunting lodge and take one with the slightly safer, taxidermied animals or invest in Photoshop*.  Yes, Photoshop is expensive, but giant medical bill and possible death vs. the expense of Photoshop?  Pretty sure Photoshop is a MUCH better way to spend your money.

*Or some other photo editing software.  I use Photoshop, so that's what comes to mind for me.

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