I Am Alive!!! And Coming This Week

I know you were worried, but I am still alive and I have not been sequestered to a small island in the middle of the ocean that can only be found by getting lost while traveling over the Pacific between Alaska and New Zealand, where the internet is nonexistent and their phone system consists of two coconuts connected by a string, the local sheriff is a goat and the only pilot on the island is a pelican.  Not that I've spent an unnatural amount of time thinking about this island or the high jinks that Sheriff Gruff, Polly the Pilot, and I would get up to or anything...

"Happy 4th of July" - McKinney, Texas
Anyway, lots of catching up to do, first off, happy belated 4th of July to all of my US compatriots.  Really, it was the 4th of July for everyone, so Happy belated Independence Day is a bit more on the nose.
"Office?" - McKinney, Texas
Sadly I did not make it to the McKinney parade this year.  There were several reasons, chief among them is the fact that I just moved and my new apartment looks like this.  I'm having some issues moving around in the sea of hoarder style box towers to unpack, let alone find my good camera.
"Living Room? - McKinney, Texas
My lack of a functional dryer was another issue.  Oh yeah, my apartment has a washer and dryer in it, but it is a little difficult to use a dryer that's not plugged in and it's a little difficult to plug in a dryer if it has no cord.  It's a bit of a dilemma.  And my attempt at air drying a load overnight in my personal swimming pool bathtub resulted in a slight miscalculation of timing, i.e. still damp underwear the next morning, and that just sounds like a horrible way to watch a parade!
"Swimming Cows 1" - McKinney, Texas
So, I know I'm a day late with my Coming This Week, but I am hoping to jump back into more regular blogging this week.  We'll be talking about a vlogger that Brit + Co introduced me to and her empowering message, some move shenanigans, and maybe even these swimming cows...Well, there's really not much to say about the cows, I just thought it was hilarious and had to take several photographs because I'm a city girl and cows chilling in a pond while mooing at the others on the shore made me think of my friends and I in high school hanging out at the pool during the summer and personification of farm animals is funny.  I bet right after I left one of the cows in the pond started fake drowning to get the lifeguard bull's attention...not that I ever did that because that's irresponsible and could endanger other people's lives by diverting the lifeguard's attention to something that's not really an emergency...I'm going to stop talking now...I plead the fifth.

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