Just Had to Share!

I know it's Saturday and you are all probably out doing super fun things or lounging around the house enjoying some time off, but I had to share a bit of information about a great organization and the fundraiser that is starting today for Hugs Cafe.

Hugs Cafe is the brainchild of Ruth Thompson and will be a restaurant staffed by adults with special needs.  These amazing people will not only learn to cook, serve, and be taught life skills, but they will really establish their place in the community at large and share their light with everyone around them.  I met Ruth several times through my mother and her passion for this project is palpable and infectious.  If you are interested in helping Hugs Cafe raise the last bit of money needed to establish their first restaurant then please check out their crowdfunding page here.

*The Hugs Cafe logo is the property of Hugs Cafe, Inc.

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