Let's Get fiLTER(ed) With Desireé

WAY back in March I gave you a VERY abbreviated introduction to my new friend Desireé.  McKinney Magazine asked me to write a piece on her and her new coffee shop, fiLTER(ed) (And no I did not have a seizure while typing fiLTER(ed) out.  Desireé wanted everything, including the way that the name of the coffee shop was written out, to make people curious, and boy does it!)  Anyway, I wanted to wait until the magazine came out before putting anything up on my blog.  It seemed like the respectable thing to do.  The piece was planned for the June issue, but they ran out of room so it ended up in the most recent edition and now I can share a bit more information with you about my funny, new friend and her fabulous shop!

fiLTER(ed) is a little coffee shop in downtown McKinney, but it's REALLY not just a coffee shop.  Desireé was looking for a way to create a space where she could combine her degree in music, passion for health and healthy living, being a business woman, and a frequent customer of coffee shops, and from all of that fiLTER(ed) was born.  It is a coffee shop, water bar, cafe, soda bar, piano bar, music studio, business center, classroom, and Desireé is planning on even more!  The shop idea was conceived by Desireé, but she's quick to point out that she had a great deal of help from friends and family.  And, what I really love, is that Desireé and her cousin came up with the name (a filter is used in making coffee, filtering water, microphones have filters, filters are used when mixing music, the business area is separate which filters noise, and as a hang out, fiLTER(ed) helps filter the outside world and your stresses) and they designed the logo together.  Her cousin also did all of the architectural designs for the shop, her father acted as the builder and custom built a great deal of the furniture, including the beautiful bar top, Desireé's mother decorated the shop, her sister does the accounting, her brother-in-law is the sound manager, and his brother is the shop manager.  Whew!  That is a family affair!
Desireé's brain is always going in a million different directions at any given moment and she is hilarious, so we got on instantly!  What was supposed to be an hour long interview turned into about two hours plus another visit for more photographs, which was supposed to be a quick in and out that turned into at least 30 minutes.  Everyone else that I met at the shop was just as delightful and the food and drinks...mmm, delish.  I didn't get a coffee, but I got a water, which is actually this special rainwater that you can buy bottles of at the shop, infused with fresh berries, yum!
For the proper interview look for the July/August issue of McKinney Magazine and give fiLTER(ed) a try!

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