A Few Updates

TV Update: Back in June I told you about Granite Flats, a fantastic show I found on Netflix.  I rewatched some of the show with the Rents (my parents) a month or so ago and I decided that if you are not hooked after three episodes then it's not the show for you.  There is a little update note on the bottom of my original post.  I do hope you'll give this show a chance, I can hardly wait for the next season!

Chicken Update: In May I took you on the Tour de Coop, so I wanted to let you know that there has been a little shake up.  The Tour de Coop got a little too big for the McKinney Historic Neighborhood Association and it has now teamed up with the McKinney Farmers Market.  The McKinney Courier Gazette did a piece on the change which you can read here.  And if you haven't been by the Farmers Market I would highly recommend it.  Beginning in April and ending in October, the Farmers Market is open every Saturday, and one Saturday every three weeks during the winter, in Chestnut Square which is a collection of historic buildings run by the Heritage Guild of Collin County.  There are a variety of foods and goods from local farmers, bakers, and artisans available.

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