Coming This Week - More Cars and a Business Birthday

I know, I know, this post should have been up yesterday, but I was taking care of mom and dad's dogs because it is too hot for them to be outside all day and they are not trust-worthy enough yet to be left inside without supervision for long stretches.  Sophie can be kenneled, Louie is hit or miss, but my parents were never successful in kennel training Jack.  He chewed up every bed, cushion, and plastic floor pan put in his kennel and then he learned out to walk the kennel around the room so that he could chew on the base boards and various pieces of furniture.  Clever little boy that he is.  Luckily I'm close enough that I can swing by the house and take care of the dogs when both my parents have to be gone for the day, so that's what I was up to yesterday which meant that this post did not get put up.  But here it is now:

This week we're going to look at more beautiful, old cars and I'll share some photographs from Diggin' It's five year anniversary.  I've also got an update for you.  Tomorrow look for two posts and a bonus on Friday!

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