Diggin' It Turns Five!

And your bonus post for today includes photographs from this past weekend's celebration of Diggin' It's fifth birthday!

I was so glad to get to stop by Diggin' It this weekend and take part in the festivities.
There were prayer flags that you could make and take home with you.  (If you want to make your own you just need to cut a sheet into rectangles and attach the pieces to a rope.  Each of the rectangles can be tie dyed before hand or left blank, and then decorated with whatever inspirational pictures and words you want.  Brightly colored scraps were also tied around the rope for some extra color.)
I was under the impression that the flags were going to stay with Diggin' It, so I only did one and left it on the table for other people to finish the remaining four.  Luckily my flower flag found a new home with some darling little girls.
There was also a community art project where everyone got to color in a section of this fabulous drawing and write Tracey a special note.
Tracey's friend and employee Teresa was there doing these very intricate henna tattoos...free hand!  Amazing!
And, of course, there are always new and fun products appearing in the store.
I was particularly fond of this star made out of rulers.  This whole section reminds me of Janice's house and I will probably be receiving shopping instructions from her when she sees this photograph.
A big congratulations to Tracey for creating her dream store and for it being even bigger and better five years in!  Love you girl!

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