We Savored and Sipped on Sunday

*Let's try this again with photographs this time!
First I have to tell you guys that I am disproportionately excited that my scheduled post actually made it up like it was supposed to yesterday, woohoo!!!  And now we'll talk about the important stuff, you know, the food, wine, and fun at Sunday's Savor and Sip event benefiting the Community Garden Kitchen!

The week before last we all learned a bit more about the Community Garden Kitchen and it's association with Holy Family School and the Community Garden.  We also talked about the fundraising that was going on to build the Community Garden Kitchen and specifically about Savor and Sip that was at Sugarbacon this past Sunday.  I was lucky enough to get to go to and it was fantastic!

As previously mentioned, the event was held at Sugarbacon which is a relatively new restaurant in downtown McKinney.  I had not been in since the remodeling was finished, but they converted an old gas station into a restaurant and they kept the old gas pumps so I was already enamored with the exterior.
And the interior is even better!  Sugarbacon is a mix of high-end industrial and rustic.  The floors are a beautiful stained concrete housing a variety of seating options including tall tables in the bar section and comfortable, leather booths in the main part of the restaurant.  There is a large, outdoor seating area, which I only viewed in passing because it's Texas and it's summer and I didn't want to melt but I assume this area will be in high demand come the fall because, despite the heat, it was very inviting.  The table tops throughout Sugarbacon are composed of warm, rustic planks of wood, a wonderful counter balance to the shiny metal wall at the end of the main room which boasts a long window allowing patrons a glimpse into the shiny, stainless steel kitchen.  I should have counted, but there were at minimum four different styles of pendent lights throughout the restaurant and I wanted to take home every single one of them.  Even the kitchen was decked out with these fabulous silver and copper pendent lamps.
Then there was the food...The chefs and staff put out four of their most popular appetizers, including their famous Sugarbacon, plus there was beer supplied by McKinney's own Franconia Brewingred and white wine, champagne, and other tasty libations thanks to Glazer's and Republic National Distributing Company!  Everything was delicious!
This was the first time that I was hearing Lynne Cadena in person and she was flawless, just flawless!  And then I met her and she is just the sweetest thing...Lynne has performances at various restaurants and events throughout the area and I highly recommend checking out the calendar on her website and finding one near you.
There were some other artists participating in this event as well.  Kevin J. White was there taking photographs, some of which he has already shared on his Facebook page.  You will definitely want to take a look through the photo galleries on his website.  He has one featuring several different horns which have been put down on the ground for a moment and in the background are the feet and legs of the marching band...I don't know why, I wasn't in band and I have never played a horn, but I just love it!  It's like the big cacophony of tuning that orchestras do before performing, it's the moment before the big show, full of anticipation.
Two other artists donated pieces as door prizes and gifts for the goody bags.  My friend Pernie Fallon, who I hope to introduce you to in an Innovative Individual interview soon, donated two pieces of art as door prizes and I was SO disappointed that my name wasn't called.  But I know the two people who won were just thrilled.  Ruth Ann of Light & Dark Shop also donated a door prize, which I believe has been proposed as the Community Garden Kitchen's logo.  And she produced postcard size prints of the design for the goody bags.
And we can't forget our good friend Lindsey at The Stalk Market who made the lovely floral arrangement...the deep reds were perfect.
Overall the event went amazingly well.  I heard that over 90 tickets were sold!  I also got to meet the new Head of School for Holy Family and she was just a doll and a half.  I heard a fantabulous story about how Stephanie, that's her name, Stephanie, quit her previous job for a nonprofit in Dallas, interviewed several times and got the new Head job at Holy Family, and gave birth to her third child all in a matter of weeks!  And she has big plans for Holy Family School!
I would consider Savor and Sip a success and a great beginning to major fundraising efforts for McKinney's Community Garden Kitchen!  A BIG thank you to everyone who helped out, participated, donated, and attended this event, including the wonderfully friendly staff at Sugarbacon who came in on their day off to put this event on!

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