Life on the Lake

Pepper and I were back down at the lake this past weekend and it was wonderful!

This was early in the evening, it's it gorgeous!
This time I went down packing some serious sunscreen and a baseball cap.  Yep, that's a pink FBI hat and SPF 50 sunscreen for all over and SPF 70 for my (I'm sorry, I'm trying to come up with a funny alternative for face and I keep coming back to money-maker, but since I'm in marketing, my face really isn't my money-maker and I just can't lie to you guys, so let's all pretend that I said something hilarious).  I did not get burnt this time though the next step up in SPF from 70 has got to be becoming a hermit who never leaves the house and orders food through the internet that's delivered through a doggie door...and it's a little hard to enjoy the lake without leaving your house.

I managed to make sure that the lens ring on my waterproof case only made it into a few photographs this time around, so yea me!

We took several photographs of the girls on the dock for a picture frame that Janice was given as a moving away present.  The plan was to try to get the photographs done before my dog got in the lake...we failed.  Ah well, the girls were relatively tolerant...once we got Pepper out of the lake that is.

We also did some decorating. Last month when I told you about Diggin' It celebrating it's 5th year in business I included a photograph which had a few items that I knew Janice would like and she did ask me to purchase several for her including the star that ended up above her bed!  It was an amazing fit with the rustic angel wings that she purchased at a charity auction.  The star is made out of wooden rulers or yard sticks, it's some very impressive craftsmanship.

All of the animals did well together, though Pepper did spend much of the weekend thinking she was a cat.

Yep, she was back in the cat bed and at one point tried to climb under Janice's bed with the kitties.  IV (pronounced Ivy) thought that was too much and decided to give Pepper a talking to.  It was quite funny because IV is a rather small cat with no front claws (Janice didn't declaw her, she adopted her that way) and she was not afraid of Pepper at all!  Luckily Pepper REALLY wants to be buddies with the kitties and knew IV wasn't really out to get her, so my big, black, labrador shaped cat just took the nose swatting and then went and curled up in the cat bed in the living room.

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