People Are Strange...And I Love It!

First, I have to geek out on you guys a bit because I got to meet Kellie Rasberry from the Kidd Kraddick radio show yesterday!  (Technically it's today because I'm writing this to be posted tomorrow, which is now your today, so...Yep, did I make that complicated enough for you?)  Anyway, she was one of the speakers at a women's conference put on by the McKinney Chamber of Commerce, and she was so nice!  Not that I thought she was going to be rude or anything because she's such fun on the radio, but she was very generous with her time and was one of the last people to leave the conference because she was talking with people and taking a million photos and seemed genuinely interested in the other women at this conference.  Love her!  There were several other fantastic speakers and I'm hoping to introduce you to the rest, but I'm going to save them for later.  And on to the weirdness!

No this is not Kellie Rasberry
The other day I was leaving my office building for lunch and happened to walk out at the same time as a man I don't know.  It's still summer here in Texas so it's pretty much a requirement to comment on how hot it is when you find yourself outside with a stranger and feel the need to make conversation.  It may even be a law.  So, this gentleman, being the good Texan that he is, says, "It sure is hot and that sun!"  To which I say, "Yep, it sure is," because, again, I'm pretty sure there's a law.  This is a natural place to end the stranger weather conversation, but this guy takes it a step further and follows up with, "Yeah, and I'm Scandinavian so I really burn."  What?  I mean, I loved it because I'm part Scandinavian and, like I've told you guys, I can burn with sunscreen on, but this was a detour I did not expect this conversation to take.  Normally it's, "Sure is hot," "Sure is," "Well have a good one and keep cool," "You too," and everyone walks away feeling like they've had a nice little exchange with a stranger.  They don't venture into the area of genetic makeup and what reactions this predisposes you to when exposed to the sun.  Of course I get all excited and practically yell at this poor guy I don't know, "Me too!  I can burn with sunscreen on!"  Because I think that line is hilarious cause it's true and most people don't believe me.  The guy chuckles and says, "Oh yeah, I can see that and it looks like you may have some Irish in there to, huh?"  I must admit I was baffled by this and said, "No, just Scandinavian on my dad's side and Euro-trash on my mom's, why?"  And he says, "Oh, so where does the red in your hair come from?"  "A bottle."

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