That Day by Laura Wilson

I didn't know much about Laura Wilson prior to my visit to Fort Worth's Amon Carter Museum of American Art this past weekend.  (Other than she was mother to the Wilson boys, you know, those actors...You might have heard of them, Andrew, Owen, and Luke Wilson.  Not to shabby Mama Wilson.)  But Laura is also a well respected photographer whose work has appeared in many noteworthy publications from the New York Times Magazine to Vanity Fair and the Sunday Times Magazine out of London.  She's also produced four photography books and is coming out with a new one later this year!
I wasn't sure what to expect from this exhibit, but the photographs were beautiful.  They are real life with all of it's wrinkles and hard edges, smiles and solemn faces, the hero and the horror.  Even the photographs of subject matter that I find...well I don't like, are striking, if hard to look at.  And the stories with many of the photographs are so interesting.  They aren't soft and flowery, they are just what the photographs are, real: Tidbits of lives, the photographer and the subjects.  Just enough for you to see more in the photograph, in the eyes of the subject, and to feel like you have a bit of an idea of who you're looking at and want to know more.  I love the photograph above and the others in this series of a religious colony up in Montana.  There is also a set of photographs of some debutantes whose dresses, created in the style of the southern hoop skirt, will not fit within the confines of standard vehicles, so the girls have to be strapped into the back of 18 wheeler trucks to be transported!  "Hutterite Girl in Field" above is from the website for the Amon Carter Museum and there eight other photographs to stir your interest, however you will actually have to go to the show to see the debs strapped in the back of a truck.  That Day will be at the Amon Carter, located at 3501 Camp Bowie Blvd., Fort Worth, Texas, from now until February 14th.  If you are going to be in the area I highly recommend that you make time to spend an hour or two at this exhibit.

***"Hutterite Girl in Field" is copyrighted and all rights belong to Laura Wilson.

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