McKinney Oom Pah Pahed the Weekend Away

The good times were flowing at this year's Oktoberfest and people were doing it up in style.

I didn't actually get to see any barrel rolling, but the girls that were manning the booth had several lacrosse sticks, so you know my imagination ran away with me.  I'm fairly certain it was pretty much just as the name explains it, however it is fun to come up with over exaggerated scenarios where drunken men run around herding barrels with lacrosse sticks.
The petting zoo was back again this year and it was as popular as ever.
There was this beautiful silver colored calf that I only managed to get a few photographs of because it was everyone's favorite.
This year they added an amusement park area with several rides, including:
A small roller coaster
And a swing ride.
I got to see two different dance groups.  How could you not love this couple from the Schuhplattler und Trachtenverein Almrausch.
And I managed to catch the last dance of the Alpine Dancers.
Local bands were out taking advantage of the crowds.
There were even a few dogs out in their finest.
And who can forget the beer!  St. Arnold's was there with several other small breweries.
2015 Oktoberfest was another great event. You can also have a look back at 2014 and 2013.

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