Coming This Week - Good Music and a Special Pumpkin

This week our friends at the Odysseus Chamber Orchestra are at it again and I've got info about their November show.  We're also going to talk about my parents and a well traveled pumpkin.
But we're going to start this blog week off with a confession and a mind blowing realization.  Confession: I did something unnatural the other day.  I was awake, showered, dressed, and had driven an hour and a half, almost all the way to my destination, before the sun came up!  It was horrible!  And there were tons of other people out on the road that early as well.  Who knew that the roads were even open before the sun came up?  It actually reminded of why I always try to live in the same city as my office.
Realization: I feel confident that we have thoroughly established the fact that I am not a normal person.  A normal person who has lived in an apartment for about 3 months would be completely unpacked, organized, and probably would have thrown several parties by now.  But I am not the biggest fan of cleaning, and unpacking is like cleaning but your house is holding all of your stuff hostage in boxes.  Well, I've managed to get all of my boxes unpacked, except for the CD and DVD boxes and they are a whole other mess all together so we'll just ignore that for now.  Anyway, everything is unpacked, but not everything has found a permanent home yet, so it's still like living in hoardersville, but now things are out of boxes and stacked in strategically inconvenient places.  Well, I was trying to finish and get things cleaned up this weekend and I managed to pull a muscle in my back.  I have therefore come to the logical conclusion that cleaning is dangerous for your health.  We'll just disregard the fact that I was trying to move a 6 shelved metal rack housing almost all of my art supplies by myself.  The thing has wheels...which are absolutely useless on carpet.  Take this as a cautionary tale of the dangers of cleaning. 

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