The Traveling Pumpkin

I love my parents.  They are amazing, sweet, generous, smart, funny, super weird people.  And those amazing, sweet, generous, smart, funny, super weird people brought me a pumpkin back from Vermont.  Yep, they flew a pumpkin across the country.  I told you, weird.

Several weeks ago my parents went to New York and Vermont for a little vacation time, which is when I got that quality time with the dogs.  Sorry again about the brevity of my dog post.  There was one night where Louie decided that he REALLY wanted to sleep in the vanity area in the bathroom.  Unfortunately he is much too tall to fit under the seat that my mom has in there.  This fact apparently escaped Louie and he spent 30 minutes banging around trying to get under that chair from every angle possible before I gave up on the hope that he would sleep in a proper dog bed and moved the chair.  Anyway, my parents brought me back some fun sock, maple syrup, and a pumpkin as a thank you for taking care of the dogs for a few nights.
I later found out that they actually got the pumpkin for my brother, but they didn't get to see him again before they left the northeast.  Second choice or not, check out the cool root pattern on the underside of my second-hand pumpkin!

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