Coming This Week - The End of Christmas and the Beginning of a New Year!

I know, I know, I'm a day late, but I ended up spending much more of yesterday at the doctor's office than planned.  It was just a post surgery follow up, but apparently everyone else also decided to get all of their medical issues seen to and x-rayed before the end of the year so everyone got to wait a REALLY long time.  It made for some interesting people watching though.

But I digress.  This week we're going to finish up the tour of the Dallas Arboretum's 12 Days of Christmas.  If you are interested in going you need to go soon, the whole thing ends on January 3rd.  We're also going to look back at this year and make some fun plans for 2016!
But how rude of me, how were/are your holidays?  Fun times with friends and family?  Good loot?  Amazing food?  That's great!  Oh me, yes, thank you for asking, I did have a wonderful Christmas!  The friends, family, and gifts were great, but the food, oh the food!  I'm sure whatever you had was really good, but I'm sorry to tell you that what I had was better!  I know, it's rude, but it's true!  Every year, once a year, my family has prime rib and Yorkshire pudding and it is always the BEST meal of the year!
The vegetable that we have changes each year and this year it was green beans sauteed in goat cheese, which was delicious.  Then there is the Yorkshire pudding.  It's not like an American pudding or sweet like British dessert pudding, but it's this eggy, crispy, airy baked bread dish that is just so scrumptious that you are torn between wanting to shove the whole thing in your mouth at once and eating it in slow small bites to really savor and enjoy.  My mother, being the SUPER smart lady that she is, figured out that if she makes individual Yorkshire puddings in popover tins then everyone gets the crispy outside pieces which we all fought over when it's cooked the more traditional way in a single large dish.
And then there's the prime rib!  Oh, the smell of this meat while it's cooking should be used as a form of torture!  It is this indescribable buttery, juicy, meaty makes you want to risk getting any and all diseases associated with eating raw beef because you just have to eat it now smell!  You can cut this beef with a fork it's so tender.  And the taste!  I'm telling you, Christmas dinner is hands down the best meal I get all year, every year, no matter what else I eat all year, and I eat some really good food during the year, but nothing holds a candle to our Christmas dinner!  And now I've made myself hungry, wonder what I'll have for lunch...
If you think your holiday meal was better than mine then I can't wait to hear all about it! 

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