Coming This Week - It's Almost Christmas!

It's almost Christmas guys!  Are you all ready?  I've had a few little things come up, but I've got most everything bought and organized.  Thank goodness because I'm not able to drive yet after my surgery!

This week we've got another 12 Days of Christmas post and I'll see if I can get a funny doggie Christmas something worked up for you guys.  I think we'll wait on another My Journey entry until next week, but I am going to get some photographs of me as a kid to add into My Journey - In the Beginning...I was a ham and there is this funny photograph of me in my ballet tutu.  My mouth is open so there's a good chance that I was talking my mom's ears off while she was trying to take photographs of me.  Hmm, talking a lot...not much has changed.  I hope you guys are all having a great holiday week!

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