Coming This Week - My Journey and Christmas Stuff

It feels like AGES since I've written because I got the first couple of posts last week written up prior to going into the hospital and the last one was written up the night before surgery.  It was after having some invasive, anesthesia requiring pre-surgery tests done, so I have only a VERY small idea of what I wrote. :)  Yep, good plan, let's write about something major and include some scientific information while coming out of anesthesia.  I just read it and it doesn't include nonsense like "I have a bicupid pulimationary valve flaps that whoosh, whoosh, which is bad, monkey balloon purple door," so that's a step in the right direction.  It did not, however, end up including all of the information and funny stories that I wanted, so over the next few weeks I'll be writing my way through my journey from relatively healthy person, or so I thought, to being stuck like a turtle on its back in a bed at my parents' house.

And we can't forget that Christmas is next week, so there will be more Dallas Arboretum photographs and more.

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