Crazy About CW's Crazy Ex Girlfriend!

Now this is not a show to watch with the kids or your grandparents or your parents, but if you are looking for a hilarious show about an extremely smart woman who makes some of the worst life choices possible while randomly breaking out into some amazing song and dance numbers then Crazy Ex Girlfriend is the show for you! I LOVE this show!

Crazy Ex Girlfriend centers around Rebecca Bunch who, by following the life plan set out by her unpleasant and pushy mother, has become an incredibly successful young lawyer skyrocketing through the ranks complete with insomnia, enough prescriptions to stock a pharmacy, and an apparent tendency toward self destructive choices. A deep, insightful butter commercial and a chance encounter with her ex boyfriend from summer camp prompts Rebecca to completely change her life in the pursuit of happiness and love. (Don't worry, all of this is from the beginning of the first episode, so no spoilers.) This show is a delightful trip to Crazy Town Girlville, USA and I am hooked! Not only is the premise great, the writers consistently deliver likable but VERY flawed characters with witty dialogue and songs, and the actors inhabit their characters completely, but the show also has some Broadway heavy hitters, a You Tube super star, a Frozen prince, and so much more colossal talent. The video above is one of my favorite songs from the series so far.  (I had another one up there yesterday, which is a very funny song about how much girls do to get ready for a date, but it gets a little rough at the end.  This song is amazing and full of truly TERRIBLE advise!  Aside from the base message of facing your fears.)  If you are interested in watching this show just keep in mind that, while there isn't any explicit sexual scenes, the topic does come up regularly in hysterical, cringe inducing, train wreck can't look away ways. If you are looking for a riotous excuse for some time away from the family this holiday season check out Crazy Ex Girlfriend  On top of the laughs it will make your crazy family seem sane!

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